Publications & Talks | 01.07.2024, by Paul Schoemaker

CXI 24: Anyone and anything can transform – even a bunker

Our presentation in collaboration with BILKER BUNKER at the largest European corporate and brand identity conference

The Bilker Bunker has been part of the city of Düsseldorf since 1944 – yet it is not to be officially opened until 2023. Under the slogan „New perspectives within old walls,“ a non-profit cultural institution aimed at promoting social exchange through art is being established at the site. What was once intended as a shelter against enemy air raids is now to become a safe space for creative artists. We had the privilege to develop a lively brand and web presence for this exceptional place. The good news: Anyone and anything can transform – even a bunker.

Our presentation at CXI 24 together with Christina von Plate from BILKER BUNKER sheds light on the eventful history behind the joint project and provides exciting insights into the multi-layered design process.


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