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Branding & Website

A new brand environment and website for a digital-edge agency

Project description

Brand development and website 

Branding workshop 
Communication strategy 
Corporate design 
Editing and copy 
Web design 
Front-end programming 

In collaboration with Yanik Hauschild, Jan Mendzigall and awwwesome

Dakitec Logo

Young. Agile. Cheerful.

Dakitec’ is a 100% remote digital agency that develops individual software and customized web applications. Because Dakitec’ needs a strong team to do so, we created a new brand environment that appeals not only to potential clients, but also to the top coding talent. Et voilà: The new brand identity combines pixel-retro charm with a strong dose of progressive employer attitude. Or as we put it on behalf of the guys at Dakitec: „Bye-bye boss mentality, hello true collaboration.“

Dakitec Startseite
Dakitec Designsystem
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100% digital structures – including the design

As a 100% remote agency, Dakitec’ is fully committed to digital communication and processes. The new design system reflects this approach on all levels – from subtle graphic references to the all-too-familiar messenger services to the choice of corporate font. The new logo hits the sweet spot between graphic clarity on the one hand and moderate disruption on the other. 

Dakitec Bierdeckel
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Dakitec Stellenanzeige
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Pixel madness meets a balanced color palette for coding

Characteristic of the new brand identity is the expressive pixel-based icon set, which is not only a lot of fun, but can also be used flexibly on all applications. A balanced color palette derived from common code editors brings additional dynamism to the visual system. The final touches aimed at lending digital street credibility involve geeky texts and headlines.

Dakitec Stationary
Dakitec Instagram
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Dakitec Iphone Startseite und Map

A new website to communicate the joy of software development

Straightforward, professional and to the point: This is how Dakitec’s new website communicates its comprehensive range of services while setting off a firework of playful animations and lovely details. The result: You really want to work with these guys – be it as a potential employee or as a client. 

Dakitec Pencil
Dakitec Case Studies
Dakitec Map
Dakitec Devices Uebersicht

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