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Fresh new branding for a regional apple orchard and farm store

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Corporate Website
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In collaboration with Anna Fitzon


Raadts Geschäftsausstattung

Holistic Redesign

We developed a modern yet timeless look for this third generation family business. The combination of a concise wordmark with a lively visual system makes you want to enjoy their locally produced natural products.

Raadts Geschäftsausstattung
Raadts LKW
Raadts Logoanimation

A Curvaceous Logo as a Visual Anchor

We translated the aesthetic form of an apple into a concise typographical logo. The apple leaf integrated into the letter »t« creates a visual reference to the physical environment on the orchard.

Raadts Schild
Raadts Hof
Raadts Apfelfeld
Raadts Logo Stencil

Hand Picked and Hand Drawn

In addition to the word mark, we have developed an easy to use visual system based on hand drawn apples. Each apple is drawn in a different style – just as they appear in nature; no two apples are identical.

Raadts Apfelsaftverpackung
Raadts Tragetaschen
Raadts Kaufladen
Raadts Geschäftsausstattung
Raadts Feld
Raadts Schild
Raadts Apfelschnitten
Raadts Verkäuferinnen
Raadts Apfelsaft
Raadts Äpfel

Digital View into an Idyllic Apple Orchard

A compact website showcases the apple orchard and farm shop, as well as the philosophy and production of the family business.

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