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Branding and Website

Brand development for a welcoming and modern ear, nose, and throat clinic

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Derichs + Werminghaus
Branding and Website

Branding Workshop
Communication Strategy
Corporate Design


Philip Kistner

In collaboration with awwwesomeAnna Fitzon, Marie Volmar and Andreas Steinbrecher

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Combining the objectivity of medicine with human warmth and care

At the end of 2018, Dr. Anne Derichs and Dr. Pascal Werminghaus opened their ear, nose, and throat (ENT) clinic in Düsseldorf’s lively Derendorf district. During a joint-kick off workshop, we helped identify the essential characteristics and personality of their new brand: seriousness and objectivity of a doctor’s office, and empathy and sincere human attention. With these elements in mind, we created a comprehensive corporate design system, and helped to identify their strategic brand positioning. Throughout the design process, we continuously played with the dynamics between these supposed opposite characteristics to create the Derichs+Werminghaus brand identity.

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Abstract, anatomical shapes meet classic typography

At the core of the design system are organic forms that we extracted from anatomical representations of the ENT context. For each specialty area – ear, nose, and throat – we assigned a custom color, and collected appropriate imagery and forms from medical textbooks and sources. This subtle representation of the ENT theme is balanced by a timeless typographical system, and a stern but elegant logo system. Through the targeted interaction between these two seemingly opposite character traits, the overall brand appearance looks warm and inviting, without leaving the required objectivity of a doctors office.

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Derichs Werminghaus Flyer
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Atmospheric practice website

Simple, clear and inviting: the new website caters to the needs of different users – from a quick overview to a deep-dive into their medical services. With its independent graphic appearance, the website goes far beyond industry standards, serving as an outstanding digital business card as well as a functional information portal for new or current patients.

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