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Campaign & Editorial Design

Social Design Award event campaign that inspires a lively neighborhood

Project description

Spiegel Wissen
Campaign & Editorial Design

Art Direction
Editorial Design

In collaboration with Patrick Mariathasan and Arne Bellstorf

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Event campaign communication for a competition sponsored by SPIEGEL WISSEN and BAUHAUS

The Social Design Award is organized annually by SPIEGEL WISSEN and SPIEGEL ONLINE in cooperation with German hardware chain BAUHAUS. The 2018 theme of the award was: “good ideas for a lively neighborhood”. Our task was to make people want to know more about the competition and the 2018 theme by designing a special section in the SPIEGEL WISSEN magazine, in addition to posters and advertisements disseminated in all BAUHAUS locations.

Spiegel Wissen Innenseiten
Spiegel Wissen Seitenübersicht
Spiegel Wissen Illustrationen

How living next to each other becomes living together

The campaign’s key visual lives in the humorous portrayal of exemplary scenes of a good neighborhood – condensed into a lively apartment building. The bold illustration concept runs throughout all elements of this competition’s communication – from the design of the special magazine section, to the posters and advertisements. The screaming yellow color world forms a deliberate contrast to the red letters of the SPIEGEL and BAUHAUS logos in order to draw as much attention to the design as possible.

Spiegel Wissen Cover
Spiegel Wissen Innenseiten
Spiegel Wissen Innenseiten
Spiegel Wissen Illustrationen
Spiegel Wissen Innenseiten
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