Mats und Thao beim Review eines Designsystems

»Find out who you are and do it on purpose«

Strategy, Identity, Corporate Design


Dolly Parton’s advice to up-and-coming country singers is also a valuable maxim for companies, products, and organizations: consistently, credibly, and convincingly conveying who you are and what you stand for is the basis for successful brand communication.


  • Branding workshops
  • Brand analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Communication concept


  • Brand personality
  • Name finding
  • Claims & messaging
  • Corporate language
  • Brand book

Corporate Design

  • Design system
  • Logo and brand mark
  • Typographic system
  • Color concept
  • Imagery and illustrations


Death to one-size-fits-all – tailor-made processes for each project

Customized processes based on our clients’ individual needs ensure that we deliver exceptional results. Blending efficiency and flexibility we adapt to the evolving requirements of each project – ranging from time tested classical approaches to innovative agile development methods.

Branding workshops

Branding workshops are a key step in exploring the communicative strengths, weaknesses and goals for our clients’ brands. By engaging in this process together, we gain valuable insights into their needs and hopes for the future and establish a level of mutual trust and understanding. The results of these workshops are cohesive brand manifestos that serve as a springboard for further strategy development and creative briefing.

Strategy development

A well-founded brand strategy serves as a guardrail throughout the entire design process. That’s why we get to the heart of the most important cornerstones of successful brand communication: context, positioning, customer needs and expectations, communicative objectives, and last but not least, the personality, mentality, and vision of the brand.

Brand naming

Finding the right name is the starting point for an entire brand world. With this in mind, we develop name proposals that are memorable, inspiring and unique. We also make sure to take care of the bureaucratic side of things, such as website domain availability, search engine optimization and copyright protection. More about thins in our Blog.

Preliminary draft

The purpose of the preliminary draft is to translate our clients’ brand personality into charismatic, visual images. The result is an idea-based, comprehensive design system that represents the company or organization behind the brand clearly, uniformly and unmistakably. The conceptualization and formulation of key brand elements such as tonality and initial core messages happen at this step of the process.

Final draft

We apply the finishing touches to the central elements of the brand world and define the visual and verbal system: Logo(-system), typography, color scheme, image concepts and textual content in detail. In addition, we plan and develop cross-media applications and the initiation of the overall brand implementation strategy.

Copywriting & editing

To communicate effectively, text-based messaging must be targeted, clear, and concise. We get to the heart of our clients’ concerns, streamline and simplify complex concepts, and turn the intangible into the tangible – through sound editorial concepts, brand-based storytelling and compelling copywriting.

Implementation & documentation

We manage, consult, and advise each step of the introduction of a new brand identity, including strategic implementation and production assistance. Upon request, we create detailed brand books and digital style guides that outline the key elements of the new brand image in an intuitive and aesthetic format.

Support & further development

Context, media, and requirements are constantly changing - we ensure that brands remain relevant and continue to communicate at the highest level. We strive for long-term partnerships and support clients in the maintenance and further development of their brand communication.


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