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Insights | 05.12.2022, by Paul Schoemaker

Introducing: 5 new branding and web projects

g31 spilling the beans

Let’s be honest here: We just can’t keep up. And we’re actually quite happy about it! As all these awesome projects keep coming in, we hardly find the time to document our work. But because even a luxury problem remains a problem, we would like to at least give you a brief insight into what’s been going on with us lately. The following is a quick run-through of five projects that have kept us on our toes in the best possible sense. 

Among other things, we got to transform a World War II bunker into a place of art and culture, explore new horizons in brain research with an interdisciplinary project group, and lend a strong voice to the literary landscape of the Rhineland – not too shabby, right? What remains, besides five strong brand and web presences, are especially the exciting insights into great organizations and initiatives as well as our profound gratitude for the trust placed in us by our daring clients. 

By the way, and cross our heart: Detailed case studies are to follow in the next weeks and months (thank God you can easily post-edit a blog entry 😜).

Bilker Bunker Billboard
Bilker Bunker Plakatwand

Bilker Bunker
»New ideas within old walls«

The Bilker Bunker has been part of the city of Düsseldorf since 1944 - yet it is not to be officially opened until 2023. Under the slogan „New perspectives within old walls,“ a non-profit cultural institution aimed at promoting social exchange through art is being established at the site. What was once intended as a shelter against enemy air raids is now to become a safe space for creative artists. We have developed a lively brand and web presence for this exceptional place in order to share its eventful history in a completely new way. The good news: Anyone and anything can transform – even a bunker. 

Interim website:


Julich Brain Atlas Logo
Julich Brain Project Website

Julich Brain Project
»Exploring new avenues in science communication«

The world has long been explored and mapped – the human brain has not. To remedy that, a team of neuroscientists, AI and supercomputing experts from the Jülich Research Center and the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is developing a three-dimensional atlas that maps existing knowledge about all facets of the brain in an open-source interface. Like a GPS, the atlas helps researchers and doctors to better navigate the human brain. We were asked to develop a concise brand and web presence that conveys fascination for the human brain and makes the research findings accessible to a broader public.


Literatur Rheinland Visitenkarte
Literatur Rheinland Website

Literatur Rheinland
»Comfortable reading in the Rhineland«

Literatur Rheinland is the regional network for all stakeholders, initiatives and institutions of the literary scene. As a collaborative platform, it comprises everything the local scene has to offer and allows it to speak with one powerful voice. We were responsible for making its potential accessible to a larger – and younger – audience. To this end, we introduced a new brand and web presence that sparks interest and makes it possible to experience the many facets of regional literature. Because reading brings people together – even if they are from Cologne and Düsseldorf.


Dakitec Website
Dakitec T-Shirt

»A digital-edge agency«

Young. Agile. Cheerful. Dakitec’ is a 100% remote digital agency that develops individual software and customized web applications. Because Dakitec’ needs a strong team to do so, we created a new brand environment that appeals not only to potential clients, but also to the top coding talent. Et voilà: The new corporate presence combines pixel-retro charm with a strong dose of progressive employer attitude. Or as we put it on behalf of the guys at Dakitec: »Bye-bye boss mentality, hello true collaboration.«


BKR Website
BKR Plakate

BKR Transaction Partners 
»Personality counts. Everything else is craftsmanship.«

BKR is a partner-led, international M&A boutique in the German small firm sector. BKR supports and counsels its clients as emphatic specialists and reliable sparring partners in the acquisition and sale of companies. The experienced team at BKR always puts people first; companies are of secondary importance. Their entire consulting processes centers around this philosophy. We were asked to translate this approach into a new brand environment with rough edges and a high-profile corporate website. Loosely based on the BKR credo: „Sometimes you have to change something to stay true to yourself.“

Website in development



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