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Branding & Website

Strategic brand development for Europe’s first customer excellence manufacturer

Project description

Branding and Website

Branding workshop
Communication strategy
Corporate design
Illustrations & icons
Wireframing & Web concept
Web design

In collaboration with Thanh-Thao Tran, Marie Volmar, Jan Mendzigall and David Nicolas Akuffo

Photography: Mareen Fischinger
Coding: Tobias Timm


C!Ex Logo

Understanding tomorrow’s customers today

The central success factor of the digital economy is the unrelenting focus on the customer. In times of increasingly complex IT value chains, specialized consultants and experts are needed to implement customer excellence within companies in a future-proof manner. C!Ex was founded at the beginning of 2021 as a spin-off of Cologne Intelligence based on this paradigm shift. Our task was to develop a memorable brand identity for C!Ex, an innovation-driven consulting firm that combines professional expertise with an empathetic attitude.

C!Ex Billboard
C!Ex Designsystem
C!Ex Ipad Website
C!Ex Team Meeting
C!Ex Visitenkarten
C!Ex Signage

A remarkable wordmark

Concentrating on the essentials is C!Ex’s top priority, not only within its consulting services but also in its image. The purely typographic logo does away with embellishment and radiates clarity and integrity. The new corporate typeface combines functional excellence with a humanistic touch - because successful customer excellence starts with the typeface.

C!Ex Brand Book
C!Ex Brochüre
C!Ex Typografie
C!Ex Notizbücher

Making customized processes visible

Maintaining an overview amidst the conflicting priorities of technology and management requires skilled process control. To respond to the complexity of the digital economy, C!Ex deliberately avoids prefabricated standard solutions. A graphic interplay of geometric shapes, which can be individualized and combined, visualize this claim within a multi-functional layout system and figuratively represent various processes.

C!Ex Messaging
C!Ex Website Workshops
C!Ex Social Media
C!Ex Schaufenster Plakat
C!Ex Key Visual
C!Ex Brochüre offen
C!Ex Farbsystem

Striking colors and warm imagery

A self-confident and stimulating color palette combined with natural photographs complements the new design system. The interplay of all visual elements ensures a concise brand presence that radiates entrepreneurial ambition, integrity, and customer excellence down to the smallest detail.

C!Ex Visitenkarten Single
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C!Ex Social Media Story
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A bespoke and dynamic website

The new website reflects C!Ex’s unique consulting approach through top notch imagery, inspiring copywriting and subtle animations. Potential customers and job applicants alike get valuable impressions about the overall working culture of the company. Custom-made icons and illustrations visualize the services C!Ex offers in a simple and aesthetically appealing manner.  

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C!Ex Website auf Iphones
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C!Ex Book

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