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Volunteer Campaign

An eye catching campaign that asks questions instead of delivering ready-made answers

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Diakonie Düsseldorf
Volunteer Campaign

Art Direction
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Diakonie Ehrenamt Plakat

Campaign for more volunteer engagement

Social initiatives and institutions depend largely on the work of volunteers donating their time to support a cause. But how do you convince somebody to get involved? Certainly not by pretending to know what is good or right for them. That is why we developed a campaign for the Caritas Association and the Diakonie Düsseldorf that asks questions instead of providing ready-made answers – moving beyond clichés and oversimplified answers.

Diakonie Ehrenamt Litfaßsäule
Diakonie Ehrenamt Karten
Diakonie Ehrenamt Litfaßsäule

Blurred images as a central, creative motif

The unusual aesthetics of this campaign stand out in a public space – creating a statement that is simultaneously loud and quiet in its execution. The basis of this effect is the use of “blurred” portraits, which give the campaign posters a poetic aura combined with consciously open questions for the viewer. The aim of the campaign is to trigger personal reflection and thought upon viewing.

Diakonie Ehrenamt Karten
Diakonie Ehrenamt Webdesign

Online platform and point of contact

The permanent campaign website offers our motifs for download that can be printed out or used on Instagram or other social media platforms. We are happy when anybody shares, speaks about, or even better, seeks volunteer work through Caritas’ or Diakonie’s points of contact.

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