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Program Brochure and Website

Visual system, program brochure, and website for the Diakonie institute for vocational education

Project description

Diakonie Institut
Program brochure and website

Art Direction
Editorial Design



Petra Warras

Diakonie-Institut Titel und Rückseite

A platform for new movements in social work

The Diakonie institute for vocational education offers seminars and conferences specifically designed for people working in the social work and social services sector. Lectures, discussions, and interactive methods are used to develop specialized knowledge, build capacity, and introduce new approaches to be used in daily professional practices. Our task was to communicate the comprehensive range of services offered by Diakonie Düsseldorf in a clear, memorable, and concise manner while using visual tonality appropriate to the theme.

Diakonie-Institut Innenseite
Diakonie-Institut Innenseiten
Diakonie-Institut Innenseiten
Diakonie-Institut Kapiteltitel
Diakonie-Institut Inhaltsverzeichnis

Color highlights and gradients symbolize new professional challenges

The course offering at the Diakonie institute for vocational training is divided into various content categories – from specialized workshops for management and executives, to advanced training courses with a Protestant profile. We recreated this large variety of topics within a visual system, and organized them using a clear color system – providing orientation for viewers and presenting course offerings in a clear and organized manner. All typography used in the platform is both concise and tidy, while remaining friendly and inviting to all users.

Diakonie-Institut Kursseiten
Diakonie-Institut Personenübersicht
Diakonie-Institut Titel
Diakonie-Institut Tablet-Darstellung

Straightforward website with an easy-to-use booking system

On the Diakonie vocational training website, interested parties can book seminars and specialized conferences with a few clicks of a mouse. The comprehensive course offering is displayed in a structured, accessible, and clearly arranged manner - optimized for intuitive user interaction. This cross-media visual system uses colored shadowing as a graphic stylistic device to bring a subtle and stimulating elements to an otherwise function focused design.

Diakonie-Institut Responsive Design
Diakonie-Institut Responsive Design auf Devices
Diakonie-Institut Mobilnavigation
Diakonie-Institut Tablet-Darstellung
Diakonie-Institut Responsive Design

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