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Brand architecture, design system, and website redesign for a leading expert in fire protection services

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Hagen Ingenieure für Brandschutz
Branding and Website

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In collaboration with Anna Fitzon, Gabriel RichterDuy Tran and awwwesome

Hagen Brandschutz Visitenkarten

Image realignment under a modern umbrella brand name

For more than 20 years, Hagen Fire Protection has developed object specific fire protection solutions for building projects both large and small, domestically and internationally. Most recently, they have provided services for the German federal parliament building in Berlin.  For years, they have worked closely with the company “Upmeyer and Partner”, which tested fire protection concepts to ensure safety and quality design solutions.  In early 2019, these two companies merged and now operate under a single umbrella brand - Hagen Fire Protection.  Our task was to work within the new brand architecture and externally communicate their new comprehensive visual design system.

Hagen Brandschutz Geschäftsausstattung
Hagen Brandschutz Geschäftsausstattung
Hagen Brandschutz Referenzprojekt
Hagen Brandschutz Flyer

Intelligent logo system visualizes the new brand architecture

The heart of the design system is the symbol for Hagen Fire Protection (in German: Hagen Brandschutz »HB«), which can also be seen with slight color modifications when used in the logos for the company’s two sub-brands: Hagen Engineers for Fire Protection (in German: Hagen Ingenieure für Brandschutz »HIB«), and Hagen Test Engineers for Fire Protection (in German: Hagen Prüfingenieure für Brandschutz »HPB«). In collaboration with font designer Gabriel Richter, we developed a strong, robust symbol that represents the combined expertise of the various corporate brands, while reinforcing overall brand consistency and clarity. A vivid color system and a clear, straightforward typography complete the visual appearance for the umbrella brand name.

Hagen Brandschutz Geschäftsausstattung
Hagen Brandschutz Notizblöcke
Hagen Brandschutz Pläne
Hagen Brandschutz Klaus Veenker
Hagen Brandschutz Eckhard Hagen
Hagen Brandschutz Jens Upmeyer

Corporate website as a strong reference for both clients and applicants alike

In addition to modernizing the overall brand appearance to represent the company to potential clients, a well-designed website can target potential job applicants and future employees.  Therefore, the new website positions Hagen Fire Protection as an attractive employer on top of being an industry leader in fire safety. In addition to gaining exciting insights into former projects and services provided, website visitors get valuable impressions about the overall working culture of the company. To top it off, we included an array of custom-made icons to visualize the services Hagen Fire Protection offers in a simple and aesthetically appealing manner.  

Hagen Brandschutz Responsive Webdesign
Hagen Brandschutz Villa
Hagen Brandschutz Icons

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