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Branding and website for a software agency that focuses on self-determined growth

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Branding, Brand Spaces, Digital

Communication strategy
Claim development
Name finding
Corporate design
Brand in space
Motion design
Illustrations & Icon Set
Web design
Frontend programming

In collaboration with Thanh-Thao TranPatrick MariathasanMaximilian SpreenAxel Mohr, Regina Pichler, Anna Fitzon and awwwesome

The courage to change: Makers gonna make

When the NanoGiants team first approached us, they knew they needed to move beyond their original name »appcom«. The old identity system lacked personality and was generally inconsistent across both internal and external communication. What they did have from the very beginning, however, was the courage and openness to rethink their brand from the ground up.

After our first workshop, it was clear that radical changes were needed to do justice to founder Lukas Czarnezki and his team’s vision for the future.  They were looking for a goal-oriented brand strategy based on a comprehensive design system under a dynamic new name. We worked together to communicate their central guiding principles in a clear and concise way.  The result clearly demonstrates what drives them: a passion for self-determined growth – both on a personal level and as a company. 


Agile collaboration in strategy and design sprints

In 2-4 week sprints, we collaborated to develop a comprehensive brand personality and strategy that follows a clear vision: to harness the power of digital innovation to empower people and companies to go beyond what they thought possible. The central idea of self-determined growth runs through all aspects of the brand appearance - from the strategic orientation, name, claim, and logo - to the comprehensive design system.


A strong claim based on clear communication

The newly introduced claim »choose to grow« sums up NanoGiants’ mission and serves as both an internal and external guiding principle. Internally, it serves as a promise and as an incentive for personal development. Externally, it communicates the agency’s ability to develop marketable solutions and competency in bringing mobile and web applications to scale without compromise.

NanoGiants Büro Eingangsbereich

From a small idea to a great product

To make this claim visible, we introduced graphic principles that visualize what distinguishes NanoGiants’ work on an abstract level. Two different sized squares combine to form a flexible design element that symbolizes the transformation of ideas and products. The newly introduced typeface literally grows with each headline and, with its graphic conciseness, radiates self-confidence and a spirit of optimism.

NanoGiants Brand Book Übersicht
NanoGiants Arbeitssituation

People First. Everything else second.

Because NanoGiants consistently puts people at the centre of its actions, it was critical that their brand communication also followed this principle. We selected imagery showing employees just the way they are: authentic, credible and genuine. In the illustrations, we go beyond the technical aspects of the company and focus on the people behind them. The design system follows the same simple principle behind NanoGiants’s business model: People First. Everything else second.

NanoGiants Sticker
NanoGiants Plakate
NanoGiants Pins

Perfectly imperfect illustrations

A central component of the new brand world are tailor-made illustrations that communicate complex services, processes, and beliefs in an accessible and entertaining way. The construction of each of the concise characters is based on established design principles seen throughout the visual system, allowing for optimal integration into the existing brand world that allows for additional independent, identity-building components.

NanoGiants Plakat »Fail better«
NanoGinats Instagram Stories
NanoGiants Sticker auf Laptop
NanoGiants Werte Poster

Digital storytelling on the new agency website

The new website makes it possible for both clients and future employees to experience NanoGiants’ work culture, as well as their core values and convictions, through a lively world of graphics, images and illustrations, dynamic animations and detailed storytelling. The website focuses on courageous self-expression with a twist of creative excellence instead of a standard 08/15 portfolio website. 

NanoGiants Website Ansichten Mobile
NanoGiants Website Ansicht Mobile und Tablet
NanoGiants Website Ansicht Werte
NanoGiants Website Ansicht Arbeitgeber
NanoGiants Instagram Posts

A strong brand as the basis for self-growth

The new brand identity communicates a clear mission statement about NanoGiants’ motivation, how team members tick, and what they strive for in the future. It not only provides internal orientation in the agency’s day-to-day work, but also highlights their distinguishing features to the outside world. A comprehensive Culture&Design book serves as the foundation for the entire brand communication strategy, enabling employees to develop convincing communication solutions, both simply and efficiently.

NanoGiants Makers Gonna Make Plakat
NanoGiants Social Media
NanoGiants Infografiken im Büro

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