T-Online Außenwerbung

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Event Branding

Striking graphic design accompanies the opening of Germany’s most modern online newsroom

Project description

Event Branding

Art Direction
Event Branding
Motion Design

Animations: Maximilian Spreen

T-Online Außenwerbung

Event branding for t-online’s new digital location

We took over event branding for the opening ceremony of t-online’s new digital newsroom in Berlin - under the patronage of Mayor Michael Müller. Our team designed all branded elements used for the event, from the invitations to the design of a stylized 85-meter-long fence, in addition to extensive live visuals and animations that took place during the ceremony.

T-Online Event
T-Online Außenwerbung
T-Online T-Shirt mit Motiv
T-Online Außenwerbung

Pixelated Berlin bear as key visual

The design of the event was centered on an interpretation of the iconic Berlin bear, whose pixilated appearance mirrored the typography of the gigantic stylized fence display. Integrating this key image with live visuals and abstract typographical animations, helped to project the central theme of a modern online newsroom – reaching as many people as possible, across all media platforms.

T-Online Außenwerbung

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