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Introducing a charismatic law firm brand with a zest for authenticity

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Carlswerk Attorneys
Branding and Website

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In collaboration with Anna Fitzon, Bryan James, Martina Liebig, Marie Volmar and awwwesome

Carlskwerk Responsive Webdesign

The slightly different lawyers

In early 2019, a new law firm opened its doors in the middle of the historic Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf: Carlswerk Attorneys. Here, you won’t find cookie-cutter solutions made by dull pencil pushers. Instead, they offer their clients authentic personalities who are convinced that daring to share individuality combined with a no-nonsense approach to the law ultimately pays off. Together, in close cooperation with the attorneys, we developed a charismatic brand identity using a fine mix of subtle historical references, progressive typography, and an inviting world of colors – bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Carlskwerk Medien
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Carlskwerk Illustration

Vibrant illustrations instead of glossy photography

Instead of using the standard stock imagery of freshly coiffed lawyers wearing immaculate suits, we developed a set of illustrations that establishes a charming brand identity with a hint of humour. By implementing a modern interpretation of the classic copperplate aesthetic, we were able to blend new ideas with the historical association of the law firm’s name. The individual motifs used throughout the brand identity communicate different facets of Carlswerk’s personality, and are further clarified using concise headlines.

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A detailed website that exudes excitement for sound legal advice

A reputable law firm’s website should provide information, offer guidance, and convey a certain level of prestige. However, that does not mean that you can’t have a little fun too. Humorous illustrations guide the user through the website and in conjunction with many small animations; help give users a dynamic picture of the law firm and its values. It reinforces the notion that open and relaxed access to legal advice is often the first step to finding the solution they are looking for. The website is a tangible translation of this philosophy into a concise digital law firm experience.

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