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Event Branding

A dynamic new look for a traditional bicycle race on Düsseldorf’s most magnificent boulevard

Project description

Rund um die Kö

Corporate Design
Art Direction
Event Branding
Motion Design

In collaboration with Annika Kiefer, Axel Mohr and Marie Volmar

Video Footage: Horst Joél / Cineclub Düsseldorf

Allez, bling, klack, chic – when a luxury-shopping street meets the world of cycling

In June 2019, the 50th annual “Around the Kö” cycle race took place in Düsseldorf. Previously, the race was almost exclusively seen as a sporting event - providing few points of contact with its high-end shopping street surroundings. The ambition of the new generation of race organizers was to take advantage of the races’ prestigious surroundings and blend tradition with the here and now by adding a pinch of spectacle and novelty to the race. Today, bike race culture is much more than just spectators lined up to watch athletes - it also means good food, market stalls offering the latest in bike accoutrement, and pulsating beats blasting as athletes whiz by. Our task was to develop a striking new look for the new race concept.

rudk Kappe
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rudk Radrennen
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rudk Radrennen
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rudk Plakate

Rapid, typographic sound collages

The »Around the Kö« race is always a sensory experience. Athletes rush past Gucci, Chanel, and Dior stores accompanied by frantic pedal clicks and the euphoric roar of the crowd. We translated this stunning scenery into dynamic, typographic sound collages: Allez, bling, klack, chic – the sound when high-end luxury meets cycling. We applied a visual system based on this concise guiding principle to posters, merchandise, and all of the official race communication as part of the brand identity.

rudk Fahrer mit Kappe
rudk Stand
Rund um die Kö – Plakat

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