Strategy, Design, Storytelling


Strategic Branding, Corporate Design, Websites and Campaigns


It all begins with open dialog. Where are you now and where do you want to go? Together, we explore the »what«, »how« and »why« of your business in customized workshops and work out a sound communication strategy. We don’t start the design process until we have gotten to the heart of your brand. 


Good design makes strategy tangible. It is not an end in itself but visualizes the personality, values, and attitude of your brand. Flexible design systems are the basis for communicating your brand identity consistently and credibly across all media – impacting your corporate image both internally and externally.


Whether business, culture, or education: People are moved by stories, not by numbers. For us, storytelling means translating abstract information into images and texts that captivate and inspire. A strong guiding narrative not only boosts your brand’s charisma, it also creates community, solidarity – and thus: meaning.



Good design through open dialogue with bold clients

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