Bilker Bunker Programheft
Bilker Bunker Programmheft


Branding & Website

Multi-perspective brand identity transforming a WWII bunker into an arts and culture venue

Project description

Bilker Bunker 
Brand development and website

Branding workshop 
Communication strategy 
Corporate design 
Orientation system 
Spatial branding 
Web design 
Frontend programming 
Backend programming

In collaboration with Anna Fitzon, Marc Kloubert, Gabriel Richter, Yanik Hauschild and awwwesome

Architecture-Photography: Philip Kistner


Bilker Bunker Logo

New ideas within old walls

The Bilker Bunker has been part of the city of Düsseldorf since 1944 – yet it is not to be officially opened until 2023. Under the slogan „New perspectives within old walls,“ a non-profit cultural institution aimed at promoting social exchange through art is being established at the site. What was once intended as a shelter against enemy air raids is now to become a safe space for creative artists. We have developed a lively brand and web presence for this exceptional place in order to share its eventful history in a completely new way. The good news: Anyone and anything can transform – even a bunker. 

Bilker Bunker von Außen
Bilker Bunker Stationary
Bilker Bunker Innenansicht
Bilker Bunker Plakatwand Eröffnung
Bilker Bunker Ausstellung Ansicht

Graphically celebrating the uniqueness of the place 

The core of the new brand identity is a typographically influenced visual system that reflects both the architecture of the bunker and its function as a cultural venue. The solid concrete frame holds a space of maximum freedom and experimentation within. Correspondingly, the new design system creates a perfect balance of visual cohesion and graphic expressive diversity.

Bilker Bunker Gebäudeplan
Bilker Bunker Eintrittskarten
Bilker Bunker Showrooms Flyer
Bilker Bunker Billboard Ausstellung

A variable logo system represents a multi-perspective approach

Five individual yet cohesive logos connect the experimental, curatorial approach of the Bilker Bunker with the context of brand communication. In keeping with the bunker’s architecture, the variable word marks reflect its powerful esthetics and are based on a strict set of grids and rules. The stylistically variable variants point to the infinite possibilities of expression within such supposed restrictions.

Bilker Bunker Teaser Kampagne
Bilker Bunker Austellung Teaser
Bilker Bunker T-Shirt
Bilker Bunker Plakat framed
Bilker Bunker Billboard Eröffnungskampagne

From logo to grid to design system 

From the distinctive logo system, we have derived a simple grid that can be flexibly applied to all formats and enables diverse layout variations in all media. The resulting graphic momentum and liveliness ensure a high degree of distinctiveness and conciseness within the brand environment. 

Bilker Bunker Instagram
Bilker Bunker Flagge
Bilker Bunker Flyer
Bilker Bunker Story Ausstellung

Flexible use of colors and fonts 

The external communication of the Bilker Bunker involves different levels with their own specific requirements. All corporate media are simple and reduced, both in terms of color and typography. In operational communication, however, the design system allows for maximum variety and expressiveness to appropriately account for different artistic positions. 

Bilker Bunker Visitenkarten
Bilker Bunker Programmheft Innen
Bilker Bunker Pins
Bilker Bunker Flyer Programm
Bilker Bunker Teaser Plakat
Bilker Bunker Ausstellungsplakate
Bilker Bunker Signage Innen

Signage system creates identity on site

We developed the spatial design for the entire multi-usage building complex of the Bilker Bunker. A bespoke signage system, which stands in direct contrast to the massive aesthetics of the thick bunker walls, guides users inside and outside to their desired destination with ease. In combination with the massive architecture, this creates an independent identity for the location, which contributes to a remarkable stay in and around the bunker.

Bilker Bunker Signage Außen
Bilker Bunker Icons
Bilker Bunker Signage Außen
Bilker Bunker Multiraum
Bilker Bunker Eingang

A new, digital presence in the local art and culture scene

The new website shows the Bilker Bunker as a lively, interactive art and culture venue open to all citizens. Information on current exhibitions and events as well as the music bar’s program can be accessed quickly and easily. Multimedia content as well as subtle yet sophisticated details and animations make the holistic reinterpretation of the historic building tangible even in the digital space.

Bilker Bunker Website Devices
Bilker Bunker Ipad Website
Bilker Bunker Iphones Website
Bilker Bunker Austellung Website Ipad

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