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Simple yet striking design system for the music bar in the BILKER BUNKER

Project description

schleuse ZWEI

Branding workshop
Communication strategy 
Corporate design 

In collaboration with Anna Fitzon and Max Spreen

Schleuse Zwei Billboard

Branding with a musical punch

In the basement of the Bilker Bunker, the music bar "Schleuse Zwei" opens its doors to discerning music fans as an integral part of the location. However, in order to develop an independent profile as a renown address in Düsseldorf, an independent brand identity detached from the bunker is required. With a tight budget but great pleasure in the project, we developed a compact design system that can be easily and concisely applied to all relevant touchpoints.

Schleuse Zwei Logo auf Foto
Schleuse Zwei Weinflaschen
Schleuse Zwei Teaser Bierdeckel
Schleuse Zwei Interior Teaser
Schleuse Zwei Eingang
Schleuse Zwei Lichtinstallation
Schleuse Zwei Social Stories
Schleuse Zwei Visitenkarten
Schleuse Zwei Flyer

Schleuse meets Soundwaves 

The name „Schleuse Zwei“ is directly linked to the bunker while evoking a world of its own – a world that we explored for the brand presence of the music bar. Abstract, graphic shapes reminiscent of the visualization of sound waves form dynamic key visuals that run through all applications. Elegant typography and an atmospheric color palette and images complete the overall appearance. 

Schleuse Zwei Geschirrtücher
Schleuse Zwei Interior Tanzfläche
Schleuse Zwei Jutebeutel
Schleuse Zwei Programmplakat
Schleuse Zwei Plakat
Schleuse Zwei Signage Toilette
Schleuse Zwei Vinyl

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Branding, Website, Brand Space

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