Phoenix Contact DFN Billboard
Phoenix Contact DFN Billboard

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Digital Factory now

Multimedia campaign for a global innovation leader in digital factory automation

Project description

Phoenix Contact - Digital Factory now

Communications strategy
Art direction
Design system
Social Media ADs
Motion design

In collaboration with Anna Fitzon, Gabriel RichterMaximilian Spreen and Patrick Mariathasan

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The factory of the future is now

Everyone talks about digital transformation, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 - but only a few organizations have the experience to implement these concepts competently. Phoenix Contact offers ready-to-use solutions for the digitization of production informed by use cases in their factories which are comprehensively designed, tested, and validated. Our task was to underpin this claim in a targeted manner as part of a larger multimedia campaign and position Phoenix Contact as a pioneer and expert in the „Digital Factory“ space. 

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Phoenix Contact DFN Designsystem
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Development of a dynamic, visual system

The digitalization of factories is incredibly complex. Therefore, it was essential to make the topic as accessible as possible within the framework of the existing brand world. We developed a distinctive visual system based on typographic visuals that shows Phoenix Contact as an intelligent, progressive, and forward-looking company. We play with the visualization of dynamic data flows as our key guiding visual, as it is the basis of digital factory automation and at the core of what Phoenix Contact does best.

Phoenix Contact DFN Designsystem 2
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Concise visualizations based on fields of action

To unpack the complexity of factory automation and showcase the range of products and services Phoenix Contact offers, we developed typographic key visuals and representative icons based on four unique fields of action. We then brought these visuals to life by creating short animated films to help illustrate what Phoenix Contact solutions does at their core in a nuanced and engaging way.

Phoenix Contact DFN Broschüre

Excitement & dynamism through flexible elements

A flexible layout system makes it simple to quickly and efficiently create convincing applications and guarantee immediate recognizability across all channels. For example, portions of the typographic key visuals serve as abstract backgrounds for the campaign messages or as part of the frame of different photographs.

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A spirit of optimism through digital transformation

The holistic campaign concept is a multifunctional construction kit on a strategic, visual, and verbal level. This approach contributes to Phoenix Contact’s long-term positioning as an innovative leader in digitalization in the factory automation industry.

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