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Brand relaunch for a management consultancy that makes organizations better in a human way

Project description


Branding workshop
Communication strategy
Corporate Design
Website Art Direction

In collaboration with Sarah Fyrguth, Anna Fitzon and Marie Volmar


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Working together to work well together

The Wertefabrik is a management consultancy based in Wuppertal, Germany, specializing in the future of work for companies and people. Their goal is to provide clarity in an increasingly complex world by establishing timeless values as guiding principles for modern organizations. Our task was to translate Wertefabrik’s unique consulting philosophy into a concise, new brand image.

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Values determine success in both agile start-ups and conservative companies

Similarly, design has timeless principles that will stay forever: basic geometric shapes. By creating a graphic dialogue between mathematically perfect and hand-painted forms, we make a subtle reference to the balancing act between profitability and humanity found in companies doing good work. 

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Concise logo, energetic colors, and a typeface with character

Wertefabrik’s new logo radiates clarity and integrity while boldly signaling the values they stand for. The combination of an activating color world, a new corporate typeface filled with corners and edges, and a lively visual world, create an overall appearance that is open and inviting without compromising on personality and conciseness.

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Charming illustrations ensure a playful presence

Management consulting is often abstract and seemingly inaccessible to outsiders. To reduce this perceived distance and loosen up sometimes difficult and complex topics, we developed an illustration world they can draw upon to liven up presentations. Surprising motifs provide accessibility and humor where otherwise, often joyless, generic PowerPoint graphics are used.

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Branding, Website, Illustrations

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