Publications & Talks | 02.08.2019, by Paul Schoemaker

CXI 19 - What brands and designers can learn from agile product development

Our presentation in collaboration with sipgate at the largest European corporate and brand identity conference (sorry: German only)

Digital telecommunications company sipgate is regarded as one of the pioneers of lean and agile work culture in the German-speaking world. Despite this reputation, we initially relied on a classic design process based on a linear implementation scheme starting with a briefing, preliminary draft, design, and ending with the final implementation. During our collaboration, we had a moment where the project came to a complete standstill, leading us to shift our creation process to an agile working method based on Scrum principles. Our presentation at CXI 19 together with Tobias Ritterbach from sipgate, highlights the radical redesign of their complex brand architecture and shows the potentials and pitfalls of agile collaboration.


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