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Insights | 08.03.2023, by Mats Kubiak

Your keys in one app

Insights into the market launch of a new ABUS product brand

When ABUS reached out to us in the summer of 2022, we were tickled pink (obviously). After all, it would be hard to find a household in Germany without a single ABUS product in use. One look at one’s own bunch of keys, and ABUS’ role in making Germans feel safer becomes clear. So when they asked us to help them do something about the whole bunch-of-keys thing, we couldn’t believe it at first – but once the good people at ABUS had filled us in, it made perfect sense. The complete project will not see the light of the day until the market launch at the end of 2023, but we would like to give you at least a small preview of our collaboration with the world-market leader in security technology.

Comprehensive digital transformation means that both the possibilities of, but also the demands on privately used security technology are changing rapidly – from the simple padlock to the digitally networked security architecture for the home. ABUS is doing pioneering work here with a broad and innovative product portfolio previously split into "mobile security" and "home security". Correspondingly, there were two different apps to control the linked-up locks. But some users might not be thrilled at the prospect of running multiple apps to operate similar products from the same manufacturer. This is where the new app "ABUS One" comes in: connecting the wires of home security and mobile security to allow for all locks to be managed in a secure, flexible, and convenient way. This means you can open the door with one touch – anytime, anywhere.

ABUS One Logo und App Icon
»ABUS ONE« – Product logo and app icon

From your front door to your bike lock: It’s all ONE

We were asked to develop the branding for the new centerpiece of ABUS' digitally connected product portfolio, as well as the strategy, storytelling, and implementation of the launch campaign. We still have to keep a low profile on the campaign, but we can at least give you a sneak peek at the product branding as part of the soft launch of the app. Based on the product benefits, we first worked out the positioning within the ABUS brand context and crafted the tagline "ABUS ONE – All your keys in one app". Next, we had to look for a matching visual solution that would integrate as seamlessly as possible into the existing ABUS brand world and at the same time be suitable as an easily recognizable app icon. We were looking for a timeless, iconic symbol that represents security in both digital and analog contexts. Of course, in retrospect it makes perfect sense that we visually based the letter “N” in “ONE” on the shackle of a lock, but believe us when we tell you that coming up with that idea and implementing it was quite the challenge.

ABUS One App Icon
The new app icon in use

180 x 180 pixels: This is the size of an app icon in Apple's iOS. Not exactly a lot of space to visualize the app's function on the home screen. But that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with the ABUS ONE app. We wanted users to intuitively understand even before downloading the app: This is about security and ABUS locks. We had already included a visual reference to a shackle lock in the "ONE" lettering, so we took up this design element in the app icon, literally closed the open lock with the ABUS logo, and – ta-da! – the app icon was born.

ABUS One Logo und Claim
»Your keys in one app« – the new claim of »ABUS ONE«

We would like nothing more than to show you more of the product branding and the launch campaign that we developed together with the product-marketing managers, the CMO, and the in-house design team. It appears, though, that we have to be patient until the full product roll-out at the end of 2023. But you know: Good things come to those who wait.


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