Alessa Joosten Karten

x Alessa Joosten


A new visual identity for a jewellery designer experimenting with the interface between art and fashion

Project description

Alessa Joosten

Corporate Design
Visual Merchandise
Art Direction

Tamara Hansen

Alessa Joosten Kartenmotive
Alessa Joosten Bildmarke

Tightrope walking between two disciplines

Alessa Joosten’s work occupies the delicate overlap between jewellery design and art. We visualized this metaphorical tightrope walk through a delicate ligature between her initials to create a striking monogram.

Confidently reserved

Alessa Joosten creates true statement pieces for confident women- recognizable through the use of simple forms combined with fine lines. The use of a bold monogram to contrast the delicate typography and pastel colours, reflects the visual interplay present in her work.

Alessa Joosten Model mit Halsschmuck
Alessa Joosten Visitenkarten
Alessa Joosten Brief
Alessa Joosten Halsband
Alessa Joosten

Next project:

Introducing a sustainable jewelry brand that aims to redefine luxury