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DEV-Recruiting Campaign

Highlighting sipgate’s progressive work culture through a recruiting campaign aimed at the best and brightest in software development

Project description

DEV-recruiting Campaign

Services Provided:
Communication Strategy
Art Direction
Corporate Illustration
Motion Design
Social Media ADs
Poster design

In collaboration with Thanh-Thao Tran, Marie Vollmer, Patrick MariathasanMaximilian SpreenAxel Mohr and Anna Fitzon


Welcome to DEV-Wonderland

The digital pioneers of tomorrow aren’t motivated by stale promises of a work-hard play-hard work environment. They seek a workplace that goes beyond platitudes and where freedom, learning, and fun prevail. Conveniently, sipgate offers their employees all of these things and more. Our task was to capture this spirit in a campaign that reaches software developers in their own habitat - using a mixture of gaming references, memes, and nerdy headlines, in a stylishly pixilated visual world. 


Peer-to-Peer Headlines that inspire curiosity

Sipgate operates under the guiding principle that the responsibility of the project lies on the team member that knows the material best. Therefore, it only made sense to have the DEV teams write the recruitment headlines themselves. Who else speaks the target audience’s language so fluently? Who else understands what VIM has to do with the toughest escape room in the world? And honestly, who else do we want to reach with the campaign besides people who understand this insider knowledge? That’s right. No one but them. Bonus side effect: these cryptic headlines makes anybody not “in the know” curious to find out more.


An agile working world that is constantly in process

The typographic concept is derived directly from sipgate’s day-to-day realities and where markers and whiteboards are the tools of the trade. Handwriting combined with the sipgate house typeface creates a lively, personal recruitment campaign that refers to the constant „work in progress“ of software development. This, in combination with the image world tailored directly to the target audience, gives the campaign a progressive and authentic look without relying on tired or out of touch recruitment clichés.


Next project:

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Branding, Illustrations

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