Corporate Illustration


Making data, services and processes tangible

Icons & pictograms, Illustrations, Infographics


Inspiring information design and the use of unique imagery enhance the profile of modern brands. Corporate illustrations, icons, and infographics seamlessly integrate into existing brand environments, help to tell stories more effectively and create identity through originality and recognisability.

Icons & pictograms

  • Icon systems and sets
  • Piktogram systems and sets
  • Interactive elements


  • Illustrative storytelling
  • Campaign visuals
  • Character design


  • Illustrative storytelling
  • Campaign visuals
  • Character design


Death to one-size-fits-all – tailor-made processes for each project

Customized processes based on our clients’ individual needs ensure that we deliver exceptional results. Blending efficiency and flexibility we adapt to the evolving requirements of each project – ranging from time tested classical approaches to innovative agile development methods.

Analysis & strategy

We develop corporate illustration solutions based on sound strategic planning. To do this, we analyze and define the most important cornerstones of the project: context and positioning, objectives and target groups, and last but not least: the content and design parameters of the existing brand world.

Motif finding

Convincing illustrations, pictograms, and icons live alongside the exceptional, handcrafted implementation of strong, communicative ideas. We find original themes and motifs for different types of processes, services and information to help translate complex issues into concise, visual narratives that move beyond visual clichés.

Style and construction

A tailor-made illustration and icon language is one of the cornerstones of high-quality brand communication. We find an unmistakable graphic style for clients that fits perfectly into their existing brand environments based on sound design principles to ensure uniformity across all media.

Animation and motion design

In the world of digital brand communication, bringing icons and illustrations to life through animation can offer tremendous added value. In cooperation with professional motion designers, we develop targeted storytelling formats and animated clips that convey information and messages in a lively and memorable way.

Implementation & documentation

We manage, advise, and support the introduction of cross-brand illustration and icon worlds – from the initial development of complex sets to the final strategic implementation of the project. Upon request, we create detailed digital style guides, which include not only the correct handling within brand communication but also outline key elements of the brand world and detailed construction plans for new motifs in the future.


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