Storytelling & Campaign

Storytelling Illustrationen

Powerful communication that touches both hearts and minds

Concepts, narratives, media


Relevance can only come through resonance. For your company, your product, or your organization, this means: It’s not enough for your business to be good. You have to present it in a way that really speaks to people. This requires powerful ideas and concepts that translate data and facts into memorable narratives.


  • Campaign strategy
  • Research & moods
  • Creative vision
  • Editing & text
  • Visual concept 


  • B2C / B2B campaigns
  • Corporate illustrations
  • Key visuals
  • Digital storytelling
  • Information design


  • Cross-media applications
  • Book & editorial design
  • Events and fairs
  • Brand spaces and wayfinding system
  • Brand and image films


Death to one-size-fits-all – tailor-made processes for each project

Customized processes based on our clients’ individual needs ensure that we deliver exceptional results. Blending efficiency and flexibility we adapt to the evolving requirements of each project – ranging from time tested classical approaches to innovative agile development methods.

Kick-off workshop

In our workshops, we support you and your team in becoming aware of your company’s communicative strengths, weaknesses and potentials, and work together to outline possible formats and narratives for your project. The result is a detailed roadmap that serves as a springboard for strategy and design development. 

Communication strategy

A sound communication strategy serves as a guardrail for the creative process. First, we get to the heart of the most important cornerstones of every project: context and environment, customer needs and expectations, and communicative objectives. We only begin to develop idea-driven design concepts once we establish the essence of the design solutions we want to create.

Design development

We translate concepts and strategies into intelligent and emotionally appealing solutions, with a high degree of creative power throughout the design process. This is where both technical and handcrafted precision meets empathy and creative intuition. We think, develop, and design across all media to make our work stand out.

Art direction

Convincing communication is based on a foundation of good ideas - but it is artisanship that brings them to life. This mindset is why we work closely with professional architects, illustrators, photographers and motion designers to develop the best possible solutions in any context.

Copywriting & editing

Text-based messaging must be targeted, clear, and concise to communicate effectively. We get to the heart of our clients’ concerns, streamline and simplify complex concepts, and turn the intangible into the tangible – through solid editorial concepts, engaging brand-based storytelling, and compelling copywriting.

Implementation & production

Good planning, clear processes, and confident project management are essential steps in the implementation of great ideas at the highest possible level. We manage, consult, and advise the realization of multimedia campaigns, events and exhibition stands, as well as sophisticated print productions –from the initial concept to the finished product.


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