Strategy & Identity

Strategie und Identität Workshop

»Find out who you are and do it on purpose«

Analysis, Workshop, Manifesto


Dolly Parton’s advice to up-and-coming country singers is also a valuable maxim for companies, products, and organizations: consistently, credibly, and convincingly conveying who you are and what you stand for is the basis for successful brand communication.


  • Status quo
  • Context and competition
  • Values and culture
  • Vision and goals


  • Brand workshop
  • Strategy workshop
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture


  • Communication strategy
  • Brand manifesto
  • Elevator pitch & messaging
  • Naming


Death to one-size-fits-all – tailor-made processes for each project

Customized processes based on our clients’ individual needs ensure that we deliver exceptional results. Blending efficiency and flexibility we adapt to the evolving requirements of each project – ranging from time tested classical approaches to innovative agile development methods.

Brand workshop

In our workshops, we support you and your team in becoming aware of your company’s communicative strengths, weaknesses and potentials, and work together to develop a clear mission statement. The result is a well-founded brand manifesto that serves as a springboard for strategy development and creative briefing.

Brand manifesto

The results of the brand workshop are evaluated, processed, and translated into a brand manifesto that describes the cornerstones of the brand identity in a short, concise, and catchy way. The manifesto provides the basis for all further work steps and applications. 

Strategy development

A detailed brand strategy serves as a guard rail for the entire creative process. To this end, we get to the heart of the most important cornerstones of successful brand communication: context and positioning, customer needs and expectations, communicative objectives – and last but not least, a brand’s personality, mentality and vision.

Brand positioning & brand architecture

To ensure that your individual brand or brand portfolio truly stands out in the competitive environment, we develop a guiding narrative that gets to the heart of what distinguishes your company, your product, or your organization. We organize sub-brands and product brands within a meaningful brand architecture that creates clarity and radiance both internally and externally.

Brand naming

Finding the right name is the starting point for an entire brand world. With this in mind, we develop name proposals that are memorable, inspiring and unique. We also make sure to take care of the bureaucratic side of things, such as website domain availability, search engine optimization and copyright protection. More about thins in our Blog.

Elevator pitch & messaging

Behind every brand is a good story. The elevator pitch gets to the heart of it in concise, vivid language, making your company’s business, strategy, and vision narratable and retellable. Powerful headlines that attract attention and convey the core messages of your brand in an original way complete the textual foundation of your brand communication.


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